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Who counts on you for Strength?

The Sand Point Strength Clinic: Safe. Effective. Strength Training.


You're ready to build strength for life. Lets get started.

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First time working with us?

The Introduction to  Barbells Clinic

Two hours, one on one with a professional Starting Strength Coach. You’ll learn how to perform the four primary barbell lifts, basic strength programming, nutrition, safety, necessary equipment and all things gym related. The clinic concludes with a recommendation on the next step to take in your strength training.

$200/2 hour Introduction to Barbells Clinic

Ready to train regularly with a professional strength coach?

One On One Strength Coaching

Schedule one on on appointments with a professional coach to augment or build your training around. Includes warmup, training, priority coaching, and scheduling. Programming is included with training packages.
$95/session, $90/session @ 6 appointments and $85/session @ 12 appointments.

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Don't have time to come into the gym?

Barbell Logic Online Strength Coaching


Online coaching bridges the gap between you and your coach and includes 24 hour video reviews for each exercise every workout, weekly programming, basic nutrition coaching, teleconference check ins with your coach, and access to an entire community of remote gym buddies also training online.


Strength is the Foundation of Health

Head Coach Adam Fangman is a competitor, strength trainer, semi amateur comedian and improving cook.

All aspects of physical movement and how we interact with our environment are influenced by our physical strength.  Acquiring it builds muscle mass, increases bone density, strengthens tendons and ligaments, makes you more resilient to pain and injury and makes your clothes look better. Anyone can throw you in a group and run you around until you're  hot, tired, and sweaty.  But we can make you strong. Our approach is simple, hard, and effective barbell based strength training designed to use basic loaded human movement to recruit the most amount of muscle mass to move the most amount of weight over the greatest effective range of motion to stimulate the greatest systemic strength adaptation as safe and effectively as possible. Everyone has the potential to develop their own strength no matter who they are or where they're at in life: male, female, young, old, seasoned athlete, first timer, healthy, or coming off an injury or complication. You're ready to train for strength for life and the time to start was yesterday. Lets get started.


Hours of Availability

Make an appointment @ afangman@barbell-logic.com or call/text @ 253 495 3055

Mon - Fri: 7am - 10am, 530pm - 730pm

Sat - Sun: 10am - 2pm


Get In Touch

Windermere, Seattle WA

Call or Text @ 253 495 3055


Call or Text @ 253 495 3055

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